Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many Many Months update

Guess what people?? The pieces are falling into place... the website is officially up! Still lots of work to be done on the design and the scripting but it actually looks fantastic! Thanks S!

Still searching for the arena where we will have the game... minor... ha ha my nervous laugh. It's not like were not trying, its just a lot to ask... can you please donate 10 days of ice time... oh and did I mention we need a Zamboni driver free of charge 24 hours a day. Heh heh yep

I never really believed it when people would say... "yep, that was totally meant to be." Meaning that destiny was already decided before you even arrived. What! Where am I going with this... well I would have to say that since my first blog back in November 09' I've been waiting for that impenetrable road block to stop the progress of setting up the longest game. Let me tell you, every time I turn around I run into another person who wants to be part of the planning committee or contribute in some way... wahhhh I'm a believer!!

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