Thursday, August 4, 2011

When you meet someone with Cystic Fibrosis

Your life will change... mine did! My friend Lucia may have saved my life... seems kind of extreme but when a 21 year old is running through life recklessly with little regard for oneself or others anything can happen.

Lucia, my poor sick friend slowed my mind and calmed the waters. I listened to her poetry and she listened to my stories of the outside world as I sat in the chair beside her bed in the hospital.

We would talk about travelling to distant countries, camping on the beaches and making friends. I would bring a flashlight to the hospital, at night we would place a piece of paper over the light, poking holes in it then we'd pretend we were looking at the stars.

After my dear friend died I travelled and saw all those places we spoke about. Because of her I didn't just run through these beautiful places, I sat and breathed in the beauty that surrounded me.


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